transparency for the cloud

We simplify the comparison of cloud services by providing reliable and
objective performance analysis, reports, commentary, metrics and tools

  • CloudSquare

    CloudSquare is our directory of and realtime status for cloud services. CloudSquare lets you research and compare cloud services on the basis of uptime, features, pricing and more

  • CloudScores

    CloudScores provides access to performance metrics from our independently conducted benchmarks. Use CloudScores to objectively analyze and compare performance of cloud services

  • CloudReports

    Cloud reports provide data backed analysis, summaries and commentary about the cloud. Each report summarizes mountains of data in a simple, intuitive and quickly readable format

  • CloudMatch

    CloudMatch provides tools to help you compare cloud services in realtime. Our cloud speedtest allows you to instantly measure connectivity to hundreds of cloud services from your network



CloudSquare is our own vetted directory of cloud providers and services. Use CloudSquare to find, compare and research cloud services based on criteria that are relevant to you including pricing, features, performance, geographical presence, availability, and more







  • Service information - features, pricing, regional presence and more
  • Filter services on regional presence
  • Service region maps
  • Side-by-side service comparisons
  • Service SLAs and actual availability metrics
  • Bandwidth pricing tiers
  • Service features lists
  • Compute instance configurations and pricing
  • Storage features and pricing

CloudSquare Directory

The CloudSquare directory provides comprehensive information about cloud providers and services and enables side-by-side comparisons. We create thorough profiles for each provider and service including features, configurations, SLA, availabilty, pricing and more.

CloudSquare Status

CloudSquare status provides historical availability metrics and service status for most major cloud services. All data provides is based on our own independent monitoring of such services. We monitor different service regions separately, and distributed services like CDN and DNS are monitored both regionally (from 5 continents) and globally.

  • Advanced filtering, grouping and region merging
  • Multi-region service monitoring
  • Intuitive availability metrics
  • Continent based service monitoring for CDN and DNS

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Performance still applies to the cloud, and not all cloud services are equal. CloudScores provides access to metrics from over 100 standard benchmarks to help you quantify actual performance characteristics of cloud services. Use CloudScores objectively evaluate and compare cloud services using benchmark metrics.

  • Extensive benchmark coverage
  • Summarized performance metrics
  • Multiple instance types per service
  • Cross service performance comparisons

Cloud Performance Metrics

CloudScores metrics are derived from benchmarks we've chosen and run periodically on different cloud services. CloudScores cover multiple performance categories including CPU, memory, disk IO, network. Our summarized performance metrics take this a step further by aggregating related benchmarks into a single intuitive value. Use CloudScores to compare the performance characteristics that are important to you across multiple cloud services.

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The best, no-fluff reports about the cloud. CloudHarmony reports are packed with insightful and actionable business information, performance analysis and technical facts. Our reports are created by and for cloud professionals, not market analysts.

  • Free and paid versions of every report
  • Flexible purchase options
  • Multiple types of cloud services
  • Thumbnail previews and report archives
  • User purchased report libraries

Cloud Reports

Our reports provide useful and data packed information for multiple cloud services. Every report is available in both free and paid versions. Free reports are not distilled and include much of the same useful and intuitive analysis in paid versions.

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CloudMatch provides tools to help you compare cloud services in realtime. The cloud speedtest allows you to instantly measure connectivity to hundreds of cloud services using your Internet connection.

  • Select from many cloud service types
  • Filter testing for specific services
  • Multiple tests options
  • Multiple service regions
  • Filter test for specific regions

CloudMatch Testing

CloudMatch enables network testing against many cloud services directly from your browser. Simply select the services you'd like to test, the tests you want to run, and click start. Your tests will start immediately and provide realtime network performance metrics from your connection.

CloudMatch Metrics

CloudMatch metrics include all significant network performance characteristics: throughput (uplink and downlink), latency and DNS query times. Additionally, downlink throughput tests include both small (1-80KB) and large file (192KB+) test options.

  • Network Latency
  • Small File Download Throughput
  • Large File Download Throughput
  • Upload Throughput
  • DNS Query Times

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