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Current Oct 2015

State of the Cloud - DNS

This monthly report provides in-depth analysis about managed DNS services. Analysis includes comparisons of performance, availability, marketshare, features, pricing and more.

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Release Frequency Quarterly Monthly
Coverage of seven common DNS services including Akamai, CloudFlare, AWS Route 53, DNS Made Easy, Dyn, UltraDNS and easyDNS.
Multiple DNS Services
Marketshare analysis for Alexa 1,000, Alexia 10,000 and Fortune 500 websites.
Service Marketshare
Listing of DNS and GeoIP software used by each service
Technologies Used
Description and support for DNS features including load balancing, failover, health checks, location based routing and DNSSEC.
Add-on DNS Feature Support
Pricing for DNS and add-on features for each DNS service.
Query and Feature Pricing
Comparison of DNS change propagation times - how long it takes for services to push out DNS record changes.
DNS Change Propagation
Monthly summarized availability metrics for each DNS service based on analysis from 120 global monitoring agents.
Service Availability
Direct (non-recursive) DNS performance based on analysis provided by 120 global monitoring nodes.
Direct DNS Performance
Real user (recursive) DNS performance based on analysis from our public cloud speedtest: http://cloudharmony.com/speedtest
Real User DNS Performance
Heatmaps depicting real user DNS service performance globally.
Performance Heatmaps
Marked maps and lists depicting placement of DNS service POPs globally.
Service Network Maps
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